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Marketing Solutions

AeroCRS is a cloud based solution for all of your airline needs in the reservations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Agents management system (B2B), a full running website with a full Content Management (CMS), Operations, Check-in and Gate control, Accounting, Loyalty Program.

GDS and Website company profile

Direct advertisement and online reservations

No need to install any software or to buy any special hardware.

A sophisticated reservation management system allows an airline to manage all its reservations on one system.

Revenue Management and CRM

Optimize your revenue and propose online payment

along with a Loyalty program

The CRM features include several advanced options like Frequent Flyer information, direct e-mailing, marketing, notification updates, SMS messages and more.

DCS and Loyalty program

Online checkin and seat assignement

An e-ticket with a QR code


A good airline needs a good brand.

We will tailor your brand.

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